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Sophie Lechner

Sophie Lechner is a business growth strategist and mentor who helps entrepreneurs find more clients, build relationships, and grow their business with her LinkedIn MAGNET Method, through coaching, courses and workshops.

Half French and half Pakistani, Sophie knows the power of connection and understanding between people. She thrives in multi-cultural settings, studied and worked in several countries and holds multiple degrees in business and comparative law.

From an early age, uncovering synergies and connecting people have been second nature to Sophie, and she later brought those skills to companies like BP, Pfizer and Bayer, as she launched new products, managed global alliances, and headed professional education for global participants.

She then founded Global Commerce Education to help companies from abroad enter the US market and build their network of business connections in this new market.

She has been a guest on several podcasts, was interviewed by Forbes, and frequently speaks at seminars globally.


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