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Simon has 3 questions for you:

  • Is your selling as noble as it could possibly be? Is it the most noble thing you do?
  • Do you make your customers safer with you than without you?
  • Can you show them how to win in their future?

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Who is Simon?


Simon turns complex thoughts and ideas into powerful, million-dollar visual models that drive revenue and growth.

With a background in electrics and electronics, teaching, university lecturing, executive management, corporate consulting, and peak-performance coaching, Simon’s unique blend of perspectives has resulted in a truly unique framework of thinking and influence that is changing the way business leaders, consultants and sales people unpack complex concepts and influence others towards agreement with their ideas.


Simon’s method of using models to accelerate thinking and elevate influence has spread to over 30 countries and is used in more than nine different languages.

His flagship model, The Genius Model® has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and changed the game of selling forever.

Simon's gift to you:
The Buyer Safety Training And Checklist is a short video and two checklists that step you through how you can put the integrity of Buyer Safety to work in your sales process.

It's my hope that the more people we can introduce to the Buyer Safety Movement, the more we can make selling one of the most noble things any business does.

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