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Gwen's question to you:

What has your experience been with purchases you have made from a conversation vs. purchases made from an email or website?

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Who is Gwen?
Gwen Bortner is a no-nonsense Operational Strategist and Business Advisor with an intuitive coaching mindset.
For over 35 years, she's coached successful entrepreneurs to scale their businesses while taking their time back. She's worked with corporations you know, like Sprint, and ones you've never heard of — like the world's largest supplier of bull semen.
Do you know what that has taught her? Success looks different for everyone, and most of us waste time and energy trying to conform to outside expectations and definitions of success.
Today, she helps visionary female entrepreneurs achieve their most ambitious goals without the stress and overwhelm of trying to do it all on their own. 
Gwen's gift to you:
In keeping with her values of connection and passion for person-to-person conversations, Gwen would like to invite Marketing Mutiny participants to join an upcoming Everyday Effectiveness Roundtable.

The roundtables are one-hour Zoom calls with facilitated discussion on a common operations issue and connection between attendees. Participants can click this link to register.

Find Gwen Online: Website - LinkedIn

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