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I am delighted to open the Marketing Mutiny series with Tonya Kubo who really embodies everything this project is all about!

Tonya has recorded a video for us today. Click on the image below or click here to watch

Tonya's question to you:

 What are your best and worst community experiences and what makes you feel that way about them? What has made them icky and what has made them awesome?

Join the conversation!

Find out what today's contribution has sparked and share your own experience, thoughts and questions by heading over here and joining in the discussion.

Who is Tonya?

Tonya Kubo is an online community strategist who takes a people-first approach to growing highly engaged groups and trains others to do the same.

She's been building communities online since 2007, which makes her REALLY OLD in internet years. And it's given her the opportunity to see that no matter how often platforms change, the need for human-to-human connection never goes out of style.

You can find out more at

Tonya's gift to you:

If you want to see Tonya's work in action, join The Secret to Thriving Online Communities on Facebook.

Find Tonya Online: Website - Facebook - LinkedIn - Instagram


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